Christina and Anant


After all the time and effort we’d put into preparing for our big day we knew it would be over in a flash. We understood it was essential for us to have the right photographer to capture it all and we couldn’t have made a better decision in choosing Rahul. His professionalism and creativity shone through the entire day, from our wedding ceremony, bride-groom photos, all the way through to the scandelous manoeuvres that were made dance floor and when the venue turned into a full on rave.

He captured moments we wouldn’t have had the chance to see, due to the countless directions our attention were pulled in. Some of our favourite shots are in these emotive shots that I’m sure Rahul was working his best to capture, ninja-style.

We honestly couldn’t imagine our day being captured by anyone else and we can’t recommend him highly enough. Our memories of the day may fade with time but we’ll always have these awesome photos to look back on.

Christina and Anant

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