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Create & Hustle | Wedding Photography Mentoring

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”
James Cameron

When you become a wedding photographer you’re never just becoming a ‘photographer’. You’re going to need to be a business person, a sales person, a marketing exec, an accountant, a social media expert, an SEO wizard, and a whole host of other roles too.

Each hat you wear as a wedding photographer can seem daunting at first, and potentially mind-boggling if you have no experience in that world at all. Knowing which aspect of your business needs attention at any given time, and how to give it, is arguably the most important skill you need.

But that’s where I come in. I want to share my knowledge, my experiences and my mistakes – the whole journey – to help you become a more successful wedding photographer. Over the short amount of time I have been working as a wedding photographer I have built a highly successful business. It’s allowed me to travel around the world photographing amazing weddings, and win a number of highly respected industry awards. More importantly it has given me the freedom to spend a lot of time with my family when I’m not working.

Personally, I’m not keen on the word ‘mentor’. Even though I want to help advise and inspire other wedding photographers who are on the same path, I don’t see myself as wearing that particular badge. I’m no guru of the wedding photography game. Nor am I a business genius. I’m just someone like you, who has ventured a little further down the road and is happy to help fellow travellers.

That’s why I call this ‘Create & Hustle. I can’t offer definitive answers to your questions, but I can offer the knowledge and experience I’ve picked up along the way. I love to share and promise to be generous with my honesty, support and passion. So you can broaden your mind and develop yourself into the best wedding photographer you can be.

Typically, my sessions can cover any of the following:


+ shooting style
+ playing with light
+ off camera flash techniques
+ emotive couple portraits
+ storytelling
+ essential gear
+ lightroom editing
+ workflow


+ website & blogging
+ seo & marketing
+ emails & client relations
+ pricing & day to day business
+ the importance of finding your niche & style
+ staying hungry

Currently I offer three options:

Accelerated sessions
(90-120mins) : £200

Completely open & honest conversations between you and me. These sessions are perfect for people that need portfolio reviews, critique, help with award entries, or anything else you feel you need to improve on. I have found that these sessions are most productive if we focus on 2 or 3 topics in depth. I will prepare for our session in advance, by asking you to fill out a short questionnaire beforehand.

3 x Accelerated sessions
(90-120mins) : £500

We’ll dig deep over the three sessions to help you grow. I find this is the most effective way split over a couple of months, so we can look back on your previous session, and really breakdown your processes to help you really refine

One 2 One session
(8hrs approx) : £800

These are very limited one 2 one sessions in person completely tailored to your needs. We can spend the day in London, find a quiet spot, grab a coffee and lunch is on me. A few weeks prior to your session I will send you a questionnaire to find out more about you, the direction you want to take and what aspects of your photography and business you want to improve on. .

Contact Me

I’d love to hear from you on how I can help you learn and grow your photography and business, and if you’re ready to take your photography to the next level please contact me via the form below to get started!