Inside my camera bag | Wedding Photographer

Inside my camera bag | Wedding Photographer

I’m often quizzed by couples about what’s inside my camera bag.

The equipment I use to capture images on your special day is all first-rate kit, and I pride myself on bringing everything I need on a shoot – including emergency extras – to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re keen to know exactly how I capture exquisite wedding photos, read on to find out more about what I’ll be bringing with me on the day.

Primary cameras. I have 2 Canon 5d mkiii, which is the camera I use for taking high definition, impactful images. I’m glued to this camera throughout the day, using it to snap images while you’re enjoying everything from the first dance to the last piece of cake.

Back-up camera. The mark of any good wedding photographer is always being prepared, and that means having a contingency plan for unexpected issues. I bring an additional camera with me so that in the (unlikely) event that anything happens to my main piece of equipment, I still have a high quality camera on hand to make sure I can still capture all those special moments.

Lenses. One primary factor in excellent wedding photography is getting the right shot, taking into account things like whether I’ll need to zoom or shoot a wide angle. I typically carry anywhere between 3 and 6 lenses with me on the day to make sure I’ve always got the right tools for the shot.

A tripod. Although I prefer to carry my camera with me, things like group pictures or scenarios that require a slow shutter speed are made a lot easier by setting the camera down on the tripod.

Batteries/charger. I always arrive with everything fully charged and ready to go, but like I said earlier, having a back up plan is important. I always bring extra batteries and a charger in case I need to give my camera a boost throughout the day.

Extra memory cards. Depending on the length of the preparation, ceremony and celebrations, I can take hundreds of pictures throughout the day! To make sure I’ve got space to capture all of these images without having to delete any to make room, I carry numerous professional SD and Compact flash cards. I also have more than one in the camera so I have a backup of each shot.

Of course, each wedding requires a different type of wedding photography, so I can bring other pieces of helpful equipment such as flashguns and even props to help bring to life the photographs you always dreamed about.