Leila and Tom

Rahul is a brilliant photographer. He has an eye for finding the beauty in the smallest moments. When I look at my wedding photos I am not only able to see every moment again but i am able to feel them. This is a priceless gift that Rahul has given to me. Working w/Rahul on my wedding day was a pleasure. He is involved without being obtrusive.The most often used quote about our wedding photos from our friends & family are “these should be in a magazine.” They are stunning, journalistic, & real.

I booked Rahul because I was convinced no one could capture my wedding the way he could. Rahul is not only a great photographer but a fun, kind, and thoughtful person- the exact kind of person you’d want around on your wedding. I knew I would get the kind of photos I could never stop looking at if I booked Rahul.

Leila and Tom.

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