Indian Weddings at North Mymms Park, Hertforshire

I’ve worked as a North Mymms wedding photographer for a long time, as well as shooting amazing weddings all over the world – and I do it in a very personal way. My style is as much like journalism as traditional wedding photography. It’s a kind of reportage that documents the day and the experiences as they happen, whilst intruding on those events as little as possible. View my recent North Mymms Indian Wedding here.

About me, A North Mymms Park Wedding Photographer

Every photographer is different, and so is every wedding at North Mymms. So if you want photos that feel absolutely right for your day, you need to do your research. There are so many ingredients that go into the unique alchemy of a wedding, and your photographer is one of them, but they are more than that too. They are a collaborator and they need to be on your wavelength from the word go. They need to get you, and the day you want. The better I know my couples, their passions, their families, their histories, – the more I can see the world through their eyes and create their perfect photos at North Mymms.

I’ve always gone out of my way to get to know couples before I work with them. Nothing excites me more than getting to be part of their important day at North Mymms – possibly the most important day of their life. It’s a privilege and a joy, but only if I feel like I’m genuinely clicking with the core emotions and people involved. 

I tend to work with couples who want their photos and the rest of their day to feel very natural. That want to look back and immerse themselves in those authentic moments as they happened. Minimal posing, maximum emotion. It’s how I’ve always loved to work, and I’ve won a lot of awards doing it. Hopefully it sounds like the kind of photography you would like for your North Mymms wedding too!

Why I Love North Mymms Park

North Mymms Park, well…what’s not to love about a Grade 1 listed Elizabethan mansion in its own parkland setting. North Mymms has had a lot of restoration work done over the last 100 years or so, but amazingly they’ve managed to keep the original exterior much as it’s always been. It has an incredible history: built in the 16th century, it’s a classic example of Elizabethan architecture at its best, complete with sweeping drive and even an ornate fireplace that’s been keeping guests warm since 1515.

The site is actually even older than that, though, dating all the way back to the 1300s. All this history makes it a truly special place to get married, and one of my favourite places to photograph. And hats off to the staff – everything is impeccably managed for the best possible experience for couples and their guests.

From the stunning house to the rolling grounds at North Mymms, your day and your photos will be breathtaking. You really can’t beat it for romantic atmosphere, plus it’s remarkably easy to get to from London, which is the icing on the cake for me at North Mymms.

We had Rahul capture our wedding day at North Mymms and we’re so glad we went with him. Rahul is professional and an extremely talented photographer. We love the photos we’ve seen so far as they are not the formal, posed shots but candids which beautifully captured emotions throughout the day. We cannot wait to see the rest and cannot recommend Rahul enough for your Indian wedding at North Mymms.
Mala & Shank

Simply said, we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer than Rahul to shoot our wedding. He was extremely helpful and responsive from day one. From our pre-wed shoot through to our special day we got to know Rahul fairly well, both personally and professionally. His friendly nature and enthusiasm for his work was clear to see.

His style of photography is to capture natural emotions and moments and he did that to a high effect on our photos. Equally, his portrait shots are amazing. Rahul was punctual for all of our events and ofcourse at North Mymms and his turnaround on photos is super quick. He created a beautiful slideshow for us to share with friends and family, and sent us the whole online gallery within a few weeks of our big day.

We are currently working our way through the photos to choose for our album – this is certainly the hardest bit as we love so many of them! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rahul to anyone looking for a first class photographer at North Mymms.
Kejal & Amar-Kaash

A Truly Special Setting

The atmosphere before a special day can be very different in my experience. But whatever the vibe at yours – and no matter who you’ve got with you – you’ll find the Dressing Suites offer the perfect space to chill out, get excited and prep hair, clothes and make-up to perfection.

The North Mymms team describe it as a ‘home away from home’, and I’d agree. There’s plenty of room for me to move about and capture the mood and anticipation without getting underfoot. And you’ll have plenty of room when the wedding gets underway too. North Mymms has a huge choice of rooms and other areas for couples to spend their day. So from exchanging your vows to kicking off the celebrations and sneaking off for a bit of privacy together, it’s filled with magical spaces.

North Mymms’ famous Long Gallery is where Elizabethan gentry were once shown a good time, and with glittering chandeliers and Flemish Verdure tapestries it will no doubt be a hit with your guests too. The huge stained-glass windows, galleried staircase and of course that fireplace, also make the High Gallery a popular spot for ceremonies and receptions.

Wherever you find yourself flowing, I’ll never be too far away, making the most of the lush photogenic backdrops. With its checkerboard floors and manicured lawns, I’ll be in heaven. If the weather is fine you can make the most of the walled garden – both for quiet photos or to have a drink with your guests – and there’s always the air conditioned Pavilion if the weather is especially hot.

Out and About in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is well known for its expansive country estates like North Mymms, little garden towns and cathedral cities so you and your guests will have a lot of choice when it comes to amusing yourselves before and after the big day.

There’s certainly plenty of history on display just as there is at North Mymms, like Jacobean manors (with kid-friendly mazes) and the Roman amphitheatres and Norman cathedrals of in St Albans. Harry Potter fans can also potter round Hogwarts at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, just outside Watford. There are wildlife parks, fashion outlets, an Aircraft Museum and all kinds of fabulous foodie experiences waiting to be discovered, and central London is less than hour away

Photographing your day, your way

There’s a lot of craft and technical knowledge that goes into my photography, but by far the most important ingredient is timing. I want to record the most significant moments of your day with as little obstruction as I can. After all, it’s your day. So why should I decide what would look like a shot that captures the mood or relationships on display? You and your family and friends will provide all the beautiful moments I need, no awkward prodding or poses required at North Mymms.

Weddings are incredible mixtures of emotions, but you never know how the emotions will flow throughout the day. Happy tears can turn into laughter in an instant, and it’s my job to pay attention and capture every little gem I can, anticipating where to be when things happen.

Why Choose me as your North Mymms Wedding Photographer

I take a lot of inspiration from different sources, such as films and magazines, art and other photographers. But the inspiration you bring is just as important. I’ll soak up all the Pinterest boards and links you’ve been carefully compiling since you decided to get married in order to make sure I’m fully tuned into the kind of photos you want.

Being part of your day is truly special, and being the person who gets to document it all, and preserve it for future generations, is really an honour. It’s a huge responsibility, but nothing makes me happier than seeing the reactions on couples’ faces when they are transported back to the best day of their life. There’s nothing like it. I want to take your breath away, and whether I’m shooting North Mymms wedding photography or off to India for a five day event, it’s all about you and your day. 

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