Project // Superhero Dj’s pt.1 – Alternative London Portrait Music Photographer

After listening to a talk by one of my photography idols Zack Arias, I was really inspired to go out and start my own personal project, the title of which i’m still working on.

The concept of my new project will be to document people in their daily lives, doing their thing, telling a piece of their story. I thought i would start off with someone in a profession that was personal to me, as many moons ago during the golden age of turntable i used to dj too. So i picked up the phone and contacted Martin, who is one half of the uber cool ‘Superhero Dj’s‘, alongside Andy, who was keen to get involved in my project.

This first blog post is in 2 parts, below is part 1, following Martin one evening on his way to dj at a local London radio station Bang Radio, along with a few portraits of Martin & Andy – Superhero Dj’s. Part 2 coming soon…..

The only dj i know who cycles to and from a gig using Boris Bikes!

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