About Me

I have a photo of me at my own wedding, when I first saw my beautiful wife-to-be walking down the aisle, with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. That photo of that fleeting moment is absolutely priceless to me and transports me right back there whenever I look at it. I truly never understood how much I would value my wedding photos before I got married and they become more valuable and more priceless each year. We can’t wait to sit down with our baby daughter when she’s old enough to understand, and laugh and cry with her as we relive those precious moments together.

Hey, I’m Rahul Khona! I’m Amelia’s dad and Nahel’s husband. I’m a London based UK & Destination Wedding Photographer, and I absolutely love to travel the world taking photos of beautiful, unique weddings for amazing people.

If I could have a perfect week I’d play Football on the Monday, DJ on the Tuesday, Snowboard in the Alps on Wednesday, watch Man United win at Old Trafford on Thursday, listen to music all day Friday, capture a beautiful wedding on the Saturday and chill out with my amazing family all day Sunday. People talk about work/life balance but to me there is only life. And weddings are absolutely a part of my life that I love and am blessed to be able to do.

I’m able to see so much of the world thanks to being a wedding photographer and I absolutely love to travel. I’ve photographed weddings all over the UK, as well as destination weddings in Italy, Spain, India, the USA, Iceland and Mexico. I get to see more of the world thanks to wedding photography than I ever imagined in my previous life as a graphic designer.

I see myself as an artistic storyteller first and foremost. I use my camera to capture the story of your wedding – from your gorgeous bridal dress, the big hugs from your family, the kisses, the tears, the smiles. I’m incredibly passionate about the way I capture weddings – always looking for the little stories which weave together to make your wedding unique. Iconic moments of your life that you’ll forever look back on and remember how it felt to live your wedding day.

Your wedding… It’s not just a day. It’s a day that is here because it all started with that first date. It’s a day that celebrates the love that kindled and has grown between you. It’s a day that starts a new chapter which opens with the promise of a new beginning in the midst of the people who love you the most. And amongst all this, me and my camera. Quietly capturing and sealing those moments in little time capsules called photos.

Enough about me – tell me about you and your wedding plans, drop me a message.


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