Destination Wedding Photographer from London, UK

Destination Wedding Photographer

I love destination weddings. I love the adventure, the mystery and the magic that goes along with getting married in a fairytale location overseas.

Even though i’m based in London, i’ve been lucky enough to photograph many destination weddings across Europe and the world. Up to now I’ve been part of amazing wedding adventures in Bali, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, USA, Iceland and Tenerife. The idea of getting on a plane and being part of these epic events is so exciting for me and while I don’t take on too many trips a year because of my family I feel so blessed when I get asked to come overseas for a wedding.

Sometimes I get asked why people don’t just hire a local photographer… To me, destination wedding photography is an art in itself. And you want someone who sees the magic and romance in the location in the same way that you do.

But when all is said and done a destination wedding is still a wedding – a celebration of love, of family and of new beginnings. My vision and ability to tell your story in beautiful, meaningful photos is what sets me apart, capturing all the moments that weave together to tell the story of your unique destination wedding. Iconic moments of your life that you’ll forever look back on and remember how it felt to live your wedding day.

Talk to me today about your destination wedding – I’d love to hear about it!