One Percent of profits will be donated to help protect our planet.
One Percent
I am super excited to announce that I have signed up to 1% for the planet. Which means 1% of my profits will go to environmental causes around the world.

For a while now i’ve been thinking how I can do better for the planet and our environment. The way we treat our planet today will affect future generations including my own kids, so I want to start making positive changes to my business. Also if I start making these changes now and show my appreciation for our planet then hopefully my children and other younger generations will grow with an eco-friendly mindset too.


Every time you book a wedding with me you’ll also be giving back to our planet. This is how….


Big Blue
One of the world’s leading ocean cleanup non-profit organisations.

Big Blue Ocean Clean Up help keep the oceans clean, protect vulnerable marine animals, provide free educational resources, research ocean pollution for policy change and support the development of innovative technologies. Their mission is to drive positive change towards clean oceans that support all marine wildlife and sustainable living.

Read more about them here:

One Tree Planted
One Tree Planted is non-profit organisation focussed on global reforestation.

They want to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. And together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

The plant one tree for one dollar – simples!

Read more about One Tree Planted here:

Sadhana Forest
Sadhana Forest long-term food and water security to those living in arid areas.

Globally, there are 133 million malnourished people living in arid areas who have private land but are not using it to grow food due to lack of water and agricultural knowledge. Sadhana Forest trains local people in India, Kenya & beyond in the use of water-saving irrigation techniques and provides them with free seedlings to plant drought-resistant, indigenous, food-bearing trees around their homes.

Read more about Sadhana Forest here:

Reducing waste
Trying to play my part by reducing the amount of plastic and non-compostable materials used as much as I can.

I am also discontinuing sending out USB’s to my clients, all my images will be available to download via your online gallery, which would be the exact file size and resolution that would be on a USB. Taking this approach will help reduce the carbon footprint generated along with using less plastic too. Making sustainable choices like this will help protect natural resources.

USB’s also do fail, so having your images on the cloud provides much more convenience, and peace of mind of a secure back up. When you have downloaded your gallery, I urge you to back it up to a cloud back up of your choice, such as Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox etc..

Giving Back
"No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” Barack Obama

I really feel it is our moral responsibility to help combat climate change, help the environment to protect planet Earth for future generations.

Even though these are small steps, I really am trying to make a genuine effort on a daily basis in my business and life in general, which I hope will make a difference to the future of our planet by becoming more environmentally conscious.