How do you know you’re working with the best Asian wedding photographer?

How do you know you’re working with the best Asian wedding photographer?

If you’re planning a wedding, one of your first steps may be to Google “best Asian wedding photographers” to try and decide on someone to document your day.

You’ll quickly find that there are pages upon pages of results returned, and going through every site to see what each photographer offers can be a time consuming process! Surely there must be an easier way to make sure you’re booking the best Asian wedding photographer for your big day?

I always recommend that couples enquire about the following three points when meeting with potential photographers, as they provide the most accurate assessment of a professional’s work:


One of the easiest ways to know if you are working with the best Asian wedding photographer possible is through taking a look at his or her credentials. I myself am a member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and Fearless Photographers, organisations comprised of the best photographers from around the world. There are numerous wedding photographers out there, but by choosing one with an ISPWP, WPJA or Fearless membership, you can have confidence that you are working with one of the best Asian wedding photographers in the business. I have been honoured with four ISPWP awards too, along with two Fearless Awards (at the time of writing). Fearless Awards honour the best in wedding photos from around the globe, and their highly selective process means that only a handful of images submitted are displayed! Needless to say, it’s a good idea to ask potential photographers about these and other awards they may have one, as if their work has been recognised by industry bodies and peers, it’s likely to be first rate.


The best way to know if his or her style of photography is to your taste is to look through a portfolio. An experienced photographer will have an array of albums that show their depth and versatility, and by looking through this body of work you can determine whether or not they are the best Asian wedding photographer for your day.


To save time on your hunt for the ideal wedding photographer, why not ask your network of friends and family for some recommendations? Those that have had a positive experience are more than happy to make an introduction, and you can have faith that if you’re working from their judgement, that you will find the best Asian wedding photographer to suit your needs.