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Every couple, every wedding, every marriage is unique

As your Euridge Manor Wedding Photographer i’ve said this many times…..It’s a cliché but it’s true – every couple, every wedding, every marriage is unique. The precise balance way that the history, personality, relationships, love, celebration, style, and everything else that makes your day in Wiltshire amazing, ensures that every occasion is completely different.

Which is why it’s so important to choose a Euridge Manor wedding photographer who is sensitive to those differences. To what makes you you.

My reportage style at Euridge Manor is very discreet – I blend into the surroundings and ensure that your guests barely notice I’m there. I certainly won’t be prodding and posing them like some photographers do. To me, the most beautiful photos are the ones that are natural, genuine moments captured in the instant.

My natural documentary style also means I’m not trying to control anything about your day at Euridge Manor. I just let it all happen the way it’s supposed to and keep a close eye on the relationships between you, your family and guests along with encounters that are happening around me. I want everyone’s different experiences to come through. After all, it’s a real melting pot of emotions and a couple may have very different experiences of their day, as they mix with friends and family from their lives, mingling, connecting.

Natural Documentary Photography with Stunning Portraits

Weddings are beautiful in all kinds of ways, and no two photographers would shoot the same occasion the same way or discover beauty in quite the same things. What I offer is a highly refined instinct for spontaneous human emotion, something that transcends the physical and brings everybody’s inner feelings to the foreground. Tracking the spikes in energy and the little lulls as well. There’s a lot of craft required in achieving this, and I often vary my cameras or approach to lighting depending on what my gut feeling is telling me will work best. But it’s something I’ve learned to trust over the years, and has resulted in some of the most spectacular shots I’ve ever taken.

Euridge Manor & The Lost Orangery

Euridge Manor sits in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, around the corner from the beautiful English village of Castle Combe. It lies on the border of Somerset and Wiltshire, set right in the heart of the Cotswolds, on the grounds of the famous explorer Sir Walter Raleigh’s old hunting lodge, it truly is a magical setting. Surrounded by 450 acres of private grounds that feature Georgian style buildings, water features, palm trees, castle ruins and perfectly manicured lawns, Euridge Manor is the perfect setting for any wedding celebration.

One of the biggest advantages of Euridge Manor, is you can choose where to have your ceremony, if you’re lucky enough with the British weather you can have your celebrations outdoors in the Boat House, but of course this being England, you don’t know what you’re gonna get so if you have to have your wedding indoors then The Lost Orangery is the perfect setting. There are six different locations on the private grounds that are licensed to hold civil weddings and partnerships.

Euridge Manor – A Magical Setting

There are many different locations within Euridge Manor to choose from where you want to hold your ceremony. Outdoors, they have the beautiful boat house which can hold intimate ceremonies for up to 20 people, with space around the boat house for more guests in the pergola or the terrace. They also have their signature castle arch amongst crumbling castle ruins with blooms coming through the cracks of the old stone.

The Orangery which features chandeliers, palm trees is a stunning room for ceremonies or for your wedding reception party. The floor to ceiling windows drench this room with beautiful natural light, and of course you can treat the space as a blank canvas and decorate it however you wish too.

Euridge Manor really is a photographers playground, its what dreams are made of. Even the area for Bridal prep – The Cloisters lets in so much wonderful natural light, and with a large standing mirror and little corners your closest can sip some Prosecco its a stunning area to get ready in before you say ‘I do’.

In and Around Wiltshire

Wiltshire is a beautiful place, and whilst your wedding is taking place at Euridge Manor, its definitely worth checking out the area. I’ve photographed many weddings in Cotswolds, one of my favourite places to shoot is Soho Farmhouse, a little haven of luxury set inside Cotswolds.

Wiltshire is amazing, its full of world-famous gardens, quaint villages, amazing landscapes and hidden gems. Stourhead is a beautiful landscape garden with a magnificent lake with temples dotted around along with rare and exotic trees. The inventor of the photographic negative, also has his home there at Lacock Abbey, another beautiful country house where you can wander around the grounds. There are plenty of tourist spots to see in Wiltshire, Avebury Stone Circle is one of the world’s largest prehistoric stone circle which you can walk around too. There are plenty of nature walks, tea rooms, cafes and fun for the whole family in Wiltshire. You can definitely connect with nature and its calm in Wiltshire,

Why choose Euridge Manor and myself for your big day

Euridge Manor is a stunningly beautiful county, and there are a great many extraordinary venues to choose from. But for every couple I’ve ever shot here looks different on camera. Traditional English towns and landscapes blend readily with any kind of wedding choice, from Jewish to Hindu to Humanist. It’s my job to respond to those unique variations and personalities, and it’s a joy to do it!

It’s one of the most landmark days of your life, filled with invaluable memories, yet it passes in the blink of an eye. All the more reason to make sure your photos really do capture it in the way you want.

It’s a joy and a privilege doing what I do, and few things give me more pleasure than showing someone the photos from their big day, transporting them straight back into those memories, some of the most precious they will ever have. I want everyone to be blown away by your photos, most of all you. Whether I’m working as a Euridge Manor wedding photographer, or on the road shooting destinations around the world, I just want to do your day – and your love – justice.

I don’t believe in regrets.

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