As a Fairmont Windsor Park Wedding Photographer I know there are so many ingredients that go into the unique alchemy of a wedding, and your photographer is one of them, but they are more than that too. We are a collaborator and we need to be on your wavelength from the word go. We need to get you, and the day you want. The better I know my couples, their hobbies, their families, their histories, – the more I can see the world through their eyes and create their perfect photos. 

About Me – Award Winning Photography

I’ve always gone out of my way to get to know couples before I work with them as a Fairmont Windsor Park Wedding Photographer. Nothing excites me more than getting to be part of their important day – possibly the most important day of their life. It’s a privilege and a joy, but only if I feel like I’m genuinely clicking with the core emotions and people involved. 

My style is as much like journalism as traditional photography. It’s a kind of reportage that documents the day and the experiences as they happen, whilst intruding on those events as little as possible.

For some people that’s just not what they want, which is fine. But couples that do want this approach usually know it when they see it. I tend to work with couples who want their photos and the rest of their day to feel very natural. That want to look back and immerse themselves in those authentic moments as they happened. Minimal posing, maximum emotion. It’s how I’ve always loved to work, and I’ve won a lot of awards doing it. Hopefully it sounds like the kind of photography you would like for your Fairmont Windsor Park day too!

Natural Documentary Photography with Stunning Portraits

I want your day to just flow, so you and your guests can just enjoy yourselves with the minimum of interruptions. I’m very aware of how uncomfortable a staged moment can feel, and when you’re looking back at your photos years from now I want every moment to feel meaningful and honest.

It’s a pretty big responsibility. Being tasked with making an authentic record of your celebration – one that will still emotionally resonate and reignite all those precious memories when you look back – can be a bit overwhelming if you let it. But I love that challenge, the fact every one of those moments will only happen fleetingly before it’s gone, that’s what excites me about being a wedding photographer.fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding fairmont windsor park wedding

Why Fairmont Windsor Park

I’ve worked at Fairmont Windsor Park when it previously used to be Saville Court Hotel and every time I was there I loved the celebrations, the people, the surroundings. I know that Fairmont Windsor Park will be a truly special setting to. I’ve stayed at plenty of Fairmont hotels before, and so I know how luxurious and opulent their interiors are, along with their 5-star serve and of course iconic addresses across the globe. I even proposed to my wife at the Fairmont in Abu Dhabi.

The Fairmont has a rich tradition in hospitality dating back to the end of the 19th Century, and they’ve always exceeded their guests expectations. Fairmont Hotels are dotted all over the globe in unique destinations, where they provide authentic experiences and extraordinary services just like you will have at your special day in Windsor.

The Fairmont Windsor Park is a luxurious country house estate, located on the edge of Windsor Great Park and only an hour from London, on the border of Surrey and Berkshire, its surrounded by 40 acres of open space featuring a tranquil lake, and the hotel ha been designed to keep the site’s heritage with a touch of modern elegance.

Fairmont Windsor Park – A Truly Luxurious Setting

The Fairmont has stunning guest rooms, a variety of dining options, a world class spa and plenty of activities for you and your guests to enjoy if they arrive before the big day, or even leave after all is said and done.

Whatever the vibe is at your wedding – and no matter who you’ve got with you – you’ll find that the Fairmont Windsor Park, offer the perfect space to chill out, get excited and prep hair, clothes and make-up to perfection. It’s the ideal backdrop for your ceremony.

The Fairmont Windsor Park describe it as a ‘home away from home’, and I would agree. There’s plenty of room for me to move about and document the mood and anticipation without getting underfoot. And you’ll have plenty of room when the celebrations gets underway too. Fairmont Windsor Park has a huge choice of rooms and other areas for couples to spend their day. So from exchanging your vows to kicking off the celebrations and sneaking off for a bit of privacy together, it’s filled with magical spaces.

Fairmont Windsor Park features sumptuous reception rooms, perfect for weddings large or small. Their team offer a personal service and look after every detail meticulously, so you can enjoy your day with your family and friends.

Wherever you find yourself flowing at the Fairmont Windsor Park, I’ll never be too far away, making the most of the lush photogenic backdrops. With its open green spaces and manicured lawns, it will be magical. If the weather is fine you can make the most of the 40 acres of open spaces – both for quiet photos or to have a drink with your guests – there’s plenty of space for you to make the most of the outdoors too.

Things to do in Windsor

The Fairmont is located in Windsor, a town on the River Thames in South East England, and only 1hr from London. It’s home to Windsor Castle, the residence of the Royal Family, and its become a popular tourist destination too.

There is plenty for you and your guests to do in Windsor, around the corner from Fairmont Windsor Park is The Savill Garden, which is a natural haven of beautiful gardens and woodlands. Theres over 35 acres of gardens, including the Hidden Gardens, Spring Wood, Summer Gardens and more, every season brings something new.

Other tourist attractions is the very popular Virginia Waters, with its glittering waters and abundance of wildlife, an ornamental cascade waterfall which is an amazing feature, along with a 100ft Totem Pole and ruins to view. The lake used to be the largest man made lake of its time, and used to be a favourite picnicking spot of Queen Victoria.

Windsor Safari Park and Legoland are also close by to the Fairmont Windsor Park, and are great for a family day out. Ascot Racecourse is also super close to the Fairmont, which is a memorable day out. The highlight of the year is Royal Ascot in June, which traditionally is 5 days long, with plenty of famous stars flocking to Windsor alongside royalty.

Photographing your wedding at Fairmont Windsor Park

Being part of your day is truly special, and being the person who gets to document it all, and preserve it for future generations, is really an honour. It’s a huge responsibility, but nothing makes me happier than seeing the reactions on couples’ faces when they are transported back to the best day of their life. There’s nothing like it. I want to take your breath away, and whether I’m shooting at Fairmont Windsor Park or off to Bali for a five day wedding, it’s all about you and your day. 

There’s a lot of craft and technical knowledge that goes into my photography, but by far the most important ingredient is timing. I want to record the most significant moments of your day with as little obstruction as I can. After all, it’s your day. So why should I decide what would look like a shot that captures the mood or relationships on display? You and your family and friends will provide all the beautiful moments I need, no awkward prodding or poses required.

Weddings are incredible mixtures of emotions, but you never know how the emotions will flow throughout the day. Happy tears can turn into laughter in an instant, and it’s my job to pay attention and capture every little gem I can, anticipating where to be when things happen.

It’s a joy and a privilege doing what I do, and few things give me more pleasure than showing someone the photos from their day, transporting them straight back into those memories, some of the most precious they will ever have. I want everyone to be blown away by your photos, most of all you. Whether I’m working as a Fairmont Windsor Park wedding photographer, or on the road shooting destinations around the world, I just want to do your day – and your love – justice.

Now let’s talk you about your celebrations at Fairmont Windsor Park

Whatever stage you’re at planning your big day at Fairmont Windsor Park, I’m here to offer my expertise…