Shrina & Harish

A full year before the wedding, Harish and I, and even our family and friends helped us look for a photographer. With numerous meetings, and numerous failed promises of great work and a relaxing work ethic, we had almost given up.

That was until we met Rahul. From our first meeting, he was open, honest and friendly, like a long lost friend we bumped into on the street. We walked away from our first encounter and had returned hope and faith that someone with youth and ambition on his side would deliver our wedding photos to our expectations.

From all the other photographers we met, Rahul was contactable and approachable. He even made the dreaded contract a breeze and importantly for any couple going through the wedding plan process, he never harassed for money and made all communications easy and direct with no hidden agenda.

If anything, this is where a lot of other photographers failed. What made it even better was that Rahul’s energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on us too. Even the groom who was super excited to be getting married!

Rahul made working with him easy. He was professional both abroad and on London soil, shooting pictures without some of our guests or even us noticing. He blended into the background and provided direction when we asked for it and even helped usher our guests, who felt he was one of the friends we had invited to the wedding, especially after the countless limencello shots we endured at the reception!

After both the civil and Indian weddings the photos were processed and available to view. We chose and un-chose to our hearts content and the albums were with us within a few weeks. The quality is the most impressive element. Not just of the leather bound covers and the storybook itself, but also the photos which capture the laughter and tears we shared with our family and friends.

Rahul has delivered on more than one level and given us photos to cherish for a lifetime, something which the words on this page cannot even begin to explain. What more can I ask for from our first Christmas together as man and wife, from a photographer whom we now call our friend.

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