My Style of Wedding Photography & what resonates with me

My Style | What Resonates With Me

Weddings are amazing celebrations, comprising all the building blocks of a great existence – love, laughter, friendship and new families. We refer to them as the ‘big day’, but really they are the start of something greater.

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I love using photography to tell these stories. Every week I hang out with amazing couples who are madly in love, surrounded by everyone they care about and get to capture it all. There’s nothing I would rather be doing than that.

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make. After the months (or possibly years) of planning, the photos will be one of the few things you have left to remember it by. It shouldn’t be about ticking another thing off a to-do list. It should be about finding someone with whom you both click (pun intended) and feel comfortable and relaxed around. Someone whose images speak to you. Someone whose vision and way of seeing the world appeals to your own.

Developing my style is something I work very hard on, if you look at my work, you’ll see clearly the kind of moments I like to capture, and they will tell you a lot about the way I see the world. To create these images on the day I’ll need to be there with you, either in the background or by your side, all day.

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The word ‘unobtrusive’ is used a lot by wedding photographers, but that’s what I will try to be. I won’t get in your way, stage any photos or stop any ceremonies or moments, but I won’t be invisible either. It’s my job to document you and everyone you love around you, and to do that I’ll need to be close to those moments too.

Capturing the reality of your day in a unique way is what I’m there for, but in a way that fits elegantly around everything that’s going on. If I take you away for some portraits, it will be for a very short time. I want you to enjoy your day with your guests. The love and happiness you share with them will shine through in those images.

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So please relax and know that you can ask me anything and trust me to do it on the day. Taking photos of people on the best day of their lives is what I love to do, and what I do best.

Weddings can be chaotic and action packed, or serene and thoughtful, or all kinds of shades in between. But it’s your adventure, and I’d love to come with you and take photographs that will keep that first big day fresh in your memories forever.

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Thank you for taking time to read this about me

I love being a wedding photographer for all these reasons, and if these words resonated with you, then i'd love to hear about your wedding plans.