Best Micro Weddings in the UK

Full disclosure: I love small weddings.

And it’s always a joy being asked to photograph them. I’ve seen it all, from very intimate weddings to perfect scaled down versions of a bells and whistles full size wedding. It’s of course sad to think that some special guests will miss out, but I am a true ambassador for the micro-wedding. Here’s why I think you should seriously consider one if you’re still not sure.

You can push the boat out

If you’re only feeding 15 people you can go a lot fancier with the food and drink. From browsing the swankier end of the wine list to sourcing a fantastic caterer that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, or that simply couldn’t serve hundreds of guests, you can really celebrate your day in style.  

As with the food, you don’t have to compromise on other things, like photography and outfits.

Ditch the sundries

Didn’t really want to burn loads of money on flowers and invites and menus? Then don’t. A micro-wedding doesn’t warrant the same level of garnish, unless you want to of course, in which case you can probably do something really special with your budget. 

You’ll get to spend more time with your guests

Ask anyone who has had a big wedding who they actually chatted to at length and they will probably say hardly anyone. Instead of speaking to each guest a tiny amount you can make sure you have quality time and connect properly without feeling rushed.

Go boutique

Now you’re not researching huge traditional London or UK wedding venues, a whole array of cool smaller spaces suddenly become viable – from pop-up restaurants to barns or even cafes. You can go somewhere you already love, instead of trying to find a venue to fall in love with.

You can make it your guest list

Many couples feel they have to invite certain people to their weddings. So if you don’t really want friends of friends coming, or distant (and not so distant relatives) you’re not close to, then you don’t have to. Just invite who you want.

Make it all about you 

A micro-wedding is a chance to be really indulgent. You don’t have to worry about whether as many guests will enjoy what you have planned. So if you want to have a themed wedding of your choice with just your best friends, you do that. Or if you wanted an intimate destination wedding you can just do that too. In fact you can take all kinds of risks with your outfits. That chic, awesome designer look that felt not enough, or a bit much, for a big wedding is suddenly back on the table.

Big or small, there’s no room for regrets

Your wedding photos are one of the most important investments you’ll make on your wedding. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. In ten years you won’t remember the flowers, but you will be looking at the photos and remembering the atmosphere and people they captured. 2020 has been a stinker, but it can’t stop you having the best day of your life. Whatever you choose for your wedding, choose carefully then love every minute of it. So when you do look back at your photos in years to come, where each photograph will be edited by me, you know you’ll have absolutely no regrets.

Here are a few recent micro-weddings I’ve had the honour of photographing:

Wedding Venue: Family Home

Wedding Venue: Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha

Wedding Venue: Sopwell House

Wedding Venue: Tewin Bury Farm

Wedding Venue: Northbrook Park, Hampshire

Wedding Venue: Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar

Wedding Venue: Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar

Wedding Venue: Shendish Manor

Wedding Venue: Central Gurdwara

Wedding Venue: Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire

Wedding Venue: The Barn at Lodge Farm

Wedding Venue: Denham Grove, Denham

Wedding Venue: Havelock Road Gurdwara, Southall