This is your generation.

Every generation has a story to tell and this is your generation. 

When I take photos of my family I often find myself thinking about the albums my parents used to make of us, and when I’m home I love going through them. Every celebration was honoured, and many of the images would be a touch out of focus,  not that well framed … well pretty rubbish to be fair. But they were alive and I love those photos so much.

Nowadays it’s tempting to leave photos on the hard drive or a USB. They don’t fade, or cost anything to print, when you leave them there. But they’re locked away. And that’s not what a photo is for. I take every opportunity to beautifully edit my images and print them now, especially making albums for my daughters, so they can see what everyone around them was like when they get older. It’s especially important for family photos, and even more important than that – I think – for wedding photos. 

Those kind of photographs have super powers! And the more you display them, the stronger they get. Because the stronger those memories become in your mind. 

So if I could give you one piece of advice about your photos it would be ‘set them free’. If in doubt, print. Get them up and out and everywhere you spend time. It will make you happy, and your family happy. 

And it will make your photos happy. After all, who wants to be left in a box and forgotten about? Believe me, when those images are still making you smile in twenty years in pride of place, you’ll be glad you did. Every generation has a story to tell and this is your generation.