Do you need two photographers

Two Photographers? Yay or Nay

Every couple, every wedding, every marriage is unique

One subject that a lot of couples can find themselves talking about at length is the ‘second photographer question’.

Is it better to have two people shooting your wedding than one? 

If you’re one of them, then hopefully this article will help. There are pros and cons to both as you will see, but I prefer to work alone and 90% of the time I do. When couples feel it’s really important to have more than one wedding photographer, I will happily book a second photographer, at an additional cost. But I don’t generally think that’s money well spent. Here’s why.

Why I find flying solo works best

For a start, you need to prioritise quality over quantity. I deliver between 800 and 1000 photos for a full day wedding. When I’ve used second photographers in the past that figure will be comparable, maybe 10-15% more. The point is not to double the number of shots. It’s to reach a higher level of quality across all of them.

You need to book a wedding photographer whose work you love. That is your absolute priority. If they make you feel emotion from wedding pictures of a stranger, then you’re heading in the right direction! 

The thing is, a second photographer won’t necessarily achieve the same look, whilst I will always book someone who shoots similarly to me, its still not me and and my artistic eye. If I’m asked to shoot a wedding with a second photographer I generally still approach it as I would on my own, and the B-roll acts as a kind of bonus. 

My work is my work. Only I can make photos that look and feel like mine. Expecting photographers to match their styles often ends up making things look generic.

I give an impeccable service (check out these reviews), and I work tirelessly on your wedding day to capture as much of the story of your day as possible, in my style. Staying in complete control of that process is how I make sure every shot is right. 

All killer, no filler.

One final thing to remember is that it is a wedding, not a commercial photoshoot. I’ve worked at weddings with multiple photographers and videographers. Once there were actually 7 of us. 7! It completely changes the feeling of the day for everyone involved. For the photo/video team it becomes a struggle to capture a shot without a colleague being in the background. For you and your guests, you can begin to feel like props. The images should never be more important than the experience. I try and make myself less visible, because you and your guests deserve to focus all your attention on what really matters. Celebrating your day.

Why you may want a second photographer

It’s an indisputable fact that – unlike quantum particles – photographers can only be in one place at once. If two things are happening simultaneously in two different places, of course one photographer can’t see and capture both. You need two photographers, standing in different places, looking for different things.

In my experience important things don’t happen simultaneously, apart from the two of you getting ready and with a bit of logistical planning one person can easily cover you both. The way I see it: if having a fleet of wedding photographers provided an essential advantage, they would have become the standard decades ago!

Some couples do worry that something will be missed, and mainly that worry centres around the idea guests who may be ‘away from the action.’ It is true that a second camera can capture charming quieter moments, but years of shooting weddings has taught me a number of things, including the fact that guests who sit on the sidelines and don’t get as involved, tend to not make great photographic subjects. It’s fair enough. Weddings can be tiring, not everyone will be in party mode from morning till midnight, and a bit of respite away from the throng – and the camera – is just what they need.

I’ve never found it was worth the effort to photograph people making an effort not to be photographed but they are your guests and your family, so it’s your call.

One or two? The decision is yours.

I want you to feel confident and comfortable, and if that requires a second photographer then I’m happy if you are. Whatever you have planned for your day, just get in touch to tell me all about it. I can’t wait to meet you both!

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