ISPWP | Top 20 International Award Winner

I was just sitting back, watching the last episode of Narcos Season 2, when I heard my email ping on my phone. I checked, and it was the ISPWP Fall 2016 contest results. I put Narcos on hold, and scrolled through all the winners in each category. I saw a couple of my images win, and thought that was a nice early Christmas present, eventually, after scrolling through all the categories, I counted I had won six awards, SIX, I couldn’t believe it, and that it put me as a Top 20 winner worldwide! I was shocked, to be ranked 13th internationally, and the only UK photographer in the overall top 20, I was super happy. Cue celebratory Ale.

I love entering awards, I love challenging myself, to push myself at every wedding, to create images that standout, not for me, not for awards, but for my clients. I want them to have images that are unique to them, that no one else can have, and that reminds them of their wedding day, and if I submit some of them to awards, and they win, well thats a bonus, a bonus I will gladly take. Being recognised by your peers, is a great feeling, and when I don’t win, it pushes me even harder, to try harder, and be better.

Congratulations to all the other award winners, and to the judges for all their hard work!

Here are the 6 images that won, and they’re ranking, I hope you like looking at them as much as I did taking them.

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