Ellen & Byron

From the original phone call after I saw a friends wedding that had been photographed to the start of our engagement photo session we knew we had made the right choice having you as our wedding photographer Rahul.

On our wedding day, we were so happy and strangely relaxed from the start……. It was so important for us to feel this way as we knew it would be a big day, stressful yet exciting and you ensured our whole day was captured the way we wanted it to be.

With a touch of tradition with active glamour, the bridesmaids crazy shots and the shot of all the women at the wedding on the lawn with us all laughing and chatting and doing our own thing are amongst some of my favourites. The private photo time with my husband and I just gave us a little bit of time to ourselves too to have a little giggle about the day so far.

You were completely professional, definitely serious about your work, which I loved but additionally with the right about of humour and great advice…. (clearly I needed more instructions than my husband did). Your talent is second to none, you are truly a talented and blessed individual, we have loads of photo’s which reminded us of every section of moments from our day, nothing missed. There are  moments that we didn’t even notice and there are photos that show that clearly sometimes you don’t have to ask guests to move out the way, but you just moved instead and still got a great inspirational photo.

You worked really hard all day. You knew when to leave and when to arrive and I really do not recall you asking me about anything, you just knew how to work it without being obvious, just discreet, sometimes I just did not even realise you were there.

You were noticeably calm and patient with over eager relatives who were also taking pictures or just with the whole general excitement of the day. Yourself and the videographer just seemed to work as a team although you had never met, loads of guests kept asking me how long I had known you as you just seemed to blend in like part of the family because of the way you interacted with us, as if you have know us for years.

It was also great to see you laughing on the clip that our DJ sent us of our evening reception when I knew you were getting some great family shots also.

In turn we actually truly hoped you enjoyed capturing our day, because no one would have been as professional and creative as you.

Thank You  so much !

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