Rim and Snehal

Hi Rahul,

It’s meeeeeeee….so I know we’ve been in touch since the wedding and honeymoon etc….but we just wanted to send a separate email to say a BIG THANK YOU for everything!!! I have to say, of all the suppliers we’ve been dealing with over the months, you’ve been a blast to deal with and we’ve had fun working with you! You made us feel so relaxed and in return captured some amazing shots of us and our families. Every single person loves our pictures and have said how fantastic your work is, which gave me every reason to recommend you to my friends in the first place.

Your pics just get better and better and we honestly wish you all the very best with it all. Read your blog about us too, really touched, thanks for your kind words. One thing that really took us by surprise and literally made our day was when you had the pictures from the wedding ready and up on the screens at the reception! That was amazingggg! Distracted Rim from eating (which believe me…takes a lot to achieve!) lollll

All in all, we’re just trying to say thanks for everything and we hope to stay in touch!

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