Shreya & Jay

It is clearly obvious that Rahul has an amazing talent, but what distinguishes him from others in his industry is his passion, creativity, and his personality.   His excitement and energy are inspiring, especially when he finds the perfect light, angle, or background. He also takes the time and energy to really get to know the couple.  In doing so, he doesn’t just take generic pictures, but instead, captures special moments that truly reflect and capture the couple he is photographing.  We were also really fortunate that Rahul collaborated so dynamically with our videographer. Together with their creative energies, they were able to uniquely capture and portray moments from our engagement session to the entire wedding week’s festivities.  Some of Rahul’s images were shown to our guests during our wedding reception, and every single guest was in awe of his work.  Many of our guests said they had never seen such beautiful and artistic pictures.  We are so grateful to Rahul and feel very fortunate that he was present at our wedding not only as a photographer but also as a friend.

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