These days the options for getting married abroad are bigger and better than ever. But wherever you choose to tie the knot, you need to know you have a Destination Wedding Photographer who will do justice to your day. If you’re going to the trouble of finding and travelling to a dream location, your photography should give you a beautiful record of that dream just the way you want it.

That’s exactly what I offer: award-winning, highly experienced destination wedding photography that tells the story of your whole experience. I want my photographs to still be blowing you away when you’re showing them to your grandkids.

There are lots of reasons more of us are heading further afield, not just trying to beat the British weather by getting married in sunnier climes. Family or spiritual connections to particular places, or simply the opportunity to create the most magical, intimate and romantic experience possible in one of the most magical, intimate and romantic places on earth. From the wonders of Tuscany to the futuristic towers of Singapore or Ibizan beach paradises, the world is literally your oyster and the rewards for you and all your guests more than compensate for the extra work making it happen.

We used Rahul for our four day wedding in Italy and he (in a wedding of almost 300) single handedly delivered some amazing photos! Would highly recommend Rahul as photographer for all and any event for which you require one!

We have had a number of experiences with photographers at a variety of events and have come to the conclusion that our best experiences have been with photographers who you never realise are actually there taking your photo. Rahul is at the top of the list.

View Rupika & Jitesh’s destination wedding in Tuscany here.

Rahul is an awesome guy doing a job he loves and puts his everything into. His shots were amazing, and he was so easy to work with. Can’t stress enough having gone through wedding planning how nice it is to someone who just simplifies things for you, puts no pressure on you, respects your wishes and comes out with perfect photos too.

He was like having a mate at the wedding rather than a random extra. He wont miss anything but isn’t overbearing in style at all. Cannot recommend highly enough.

View S&D’s amazing Jewish fusion wedding at Il Borro in Tuscany here.

I love love love to travel – from Europe and beyond

Creating breath-taking wedding photography is a collaborative process. You need to feel relaxed and comfortable, and so does your photographer. Some brilliant wedding photographers don’t like being outside their comfort zone in unfamiliar places, but this is something I thrive on and it brings out the best in my creativity.

I love travel, in fact destination weddings are one of my favourite parts of the job. I’ve shot everywhere from USA, Bali, Singapore, Tuscany, India and enjoy a great, familiar working relationship with the couples I work with. We share ideas, get to know each other well and I can give them the reassurance of my experience and awards with the flexibility of knowing I like nothing more than discovering a new country. UK wedding photographers with this much destination wedding photography experience can be tricky to find, but the proof is in the pudding as they say. So here is some of my best destination wedding photography from the last few years.

How to find your perfect destination wedding photographer

Booking any wedding photographer – let alone a destination wedding photographer – is a big deal and requires careful thought, and probably a lot of research and actual meetings. If someone is going to be with you on your wedding day, in amongst your nearest and dearest, responsible for recording your day for future generations, then you need to like and trust them.

You should share the same vision, and not have to explain every detail at length. They should ideally just ‘get’ where you’re coming from and intuitively be able to anticipate a lot of it. Ideally, your perfect wedding photographer won’t be shooting their first destination wedding with you. A handful of overseas shoots minimum will make everything is that bit safer, and even if they sound like they are spot on you don’t need to just take their word for it. Looking at testimonials on their website or asking to speak to other destination wedding clients can help you make up your mind.
Your perfect wedding photographer will have questions, but they will be able to answer a lot of yours too, and generally fill you with confidence. If you like their style, their passion and their professionalism, and it just feels right, then it probably is.

You can view three of my recent destination weddings here:

Rahul thank you so much for capturing every emotion possible during our wedding in Tuscany, we absolutely relived every moment of our day when looking at the photos…..which we wanted to show off the stunning scenery of the Tuscan coast , whilst having the memories of our day taken in a natural relaxed way, We knew you were the only photographer for us and you didn’t disappoint !

Making the right decision

Everyone is different, and what means the most to you on your wedding day should allow you to work out your priorities and choose suppliers that match them perfectly. If you’ve already decided that the mystique and magic of a destination wedding are worth the trouble, and you really care about the images you’ll have in the future, then it’s worth choosing a destination wedding photographer who has the experience and eye to give you exactly what you want. Hopefully that’s me!

Natural Destination Wedding Photography

The word ‘unobtrusive’ is used a lot by wedding photographers, but that’s what I will try to be. I won’t get in your way, stage any photos or stop any ceremonies or moments, but I won’t be invisible either. It’s my job to document you and everyone you love around you, and to do that I’ll need to be close to those moments too.

Capturing the reality of your day in a unique way is what I’m there for, but in a way that fits elegantly around everything that’s going on. If I take you away for some portraits, it will be for a very short time. I want you to enjoy your day with your guests. The love and happiness you share with them will shine through in those images.

Taking photos of people on the best day of their lives is what I love to do, and what I do best and you can read more about my natural wedding photography style here.

You can view more of my destination wedding photography here.

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