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I live less than an hour from beautiful Hertfordshire, and it’s one of my favourite parts of the UK, not to mention a county I know really well. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in some of the best venues in the area, as well as some of the best kept secrets being a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer.

Experienced Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Whether you’re getting married at The Grove, Tewin Bury Farm, Shendish Manor or another beautiful Hertfordshire wedding venue.  Being a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, my approach is very much my own – documentary photography that captures the changing mood and special moments in an authentic way – and you’ll see from my testimonials just how hard I work to make this happen. Whether you’re secluding yourselves away in the beautiful woodlands in Hertfordshire or making the most of one of Hertfordshire’s picture postcard towns, I promise to create the mood and style you want.

Of course, it’s all about making the right connection. So take a look at my photos and if you like what you see get in touch so I can introduce myself in person.

Putting you at ease from day one

One of the most important things to me when first speaking to couples that book me for their special day in Hertfordshire is creating a good rapport. The more relaxed you are from that first conversation, the more pleasurable an experience you will have throughout your day. And the more relaxed you are the better you’ll look on your photos!

One of the things most couples find reassuring is my expertise. I’ve won all kinds of awards – including being ranked the number one photographer in London by the WPJA. Plus, I’ve photographed couples all over the world, and that breadth of experience is obvious as soon as you look at my portfolio. All of which should help you relax in the knowledge that I know what I’m doing!

I’m not usually one for reviews but I feel this experience has definitely warranted one – Amazing photography, great guy and a friend for life!! Rahul was absolutely fantastic all throughout the process from meeting him to discuss what we wanted, to the end product. All the way through Rahul was incredible and understood our needs and expectations from the very beginning, he was always available and reassuring as well as being totally transparent and helping us along the way. View Minal & Paresh’s Indian wedding at Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire.

Amazing photographer – so so talented! Rahul photographed our day, and he was by far our best & favourite supplier. He is so down to earth, helpful, replies to all emails or queries within a few hours, such a lovely guy, and wants to get to know you & what you want from your photos. He is 100% reliable, and genuinely loves photography. There is no one we could recommend more within the entire industry. We received so many compliments for all our photos – they are the perfect way to reflect on our celebration. View their amazing Hertfordshire wedding at The Grove.

Getting to know you

Expertise won’t count for much if you don’t know how to make personal connection. So I work just as hard at doing that with you. I want to know all about your family and the kind of people I’ll be meeting when I’m with you on the big day. Once we Skype or FaceTime you should quickly get a feeling for my approach, and if you feel comfortable and confident then I’ll do everything possible to keep you at ease and create images that knock your socks off. Not to mention the socks of everyone else you show them to for years to come!

Communication is an essential part of getting the kind of  photography you want. So however you want to share your ideas is fine with me. You can send me your favourite parts of my portfolio. But once I’ve got a clear understanding in my head, you shouldn’t need to say anything else if you don’t want to. I’ll be able to intuitively pick the kind of moments you’ll want to capture, in the style you love. As my portfolio shows, I pour a lot of creativity into my photography, but this can be very naturalistic and candid, or a bit more flamboyant and colourful. It’s entirely up to you.

How to find your perfect Hertfordshire photographer

There are a number of things I usually do to get ready for your big day, including refreshing my memory of the Hertfordshire venue you’ve chosen. I don’t want to waste any time on the day, so looking at its location so I know where the sun will be throughout the day, evaluating the main public spaces – and secret private nooks – means I can focus on getting the best shots from the moment I arrive.

I’ll also make sure that we stay in touch at the right points before the day too. It will allow me to build my knowledge of you and what you want, for you to be that bit more relaxed and confident in me, and if we can meet up face to face can even provide the perfect excuse for a pre-wed shoot.

Have a pre-wedding shoot in London or Hertfordshire is a great way to get a feel for each other before the main event, but it also means you have a timeless record of that last precious time before you became a married couple.

I want you to enjoy every minute of your day, and love your photos, and an engagement session helps guarantee both. But it’s entirely up to you.

In and around the home counties

Hertfordshire also abbreviated to Herts is the perfect location to get married. Hertfordshire is one of the home counties in England and it borders with Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire along with Greater London, Essex and Buckinghamshire. There is so much natural beauty in Herts, which is protected by the green belt, as well as well-preserved conservation areas. Some of the most notable landmarks are the Six Hills, Warner Bros Film Studios, plus many towns being built during the Roman period.

Energy & Emotion

My job as your Hertfordshire wedding photographer is to document your day, and deliver you high-quality content that grabs the attention of anyone looking at your photo album. Light, colour and composition play an important role in my photography, allowing me to deliver you unique, beautiful images that show the beauty of your day. Capturing these moments that fleet by creatively is what excites me as a photographer, and I can only hope I do the craft I love, the moments, the relationships, the people, the emotion all the justice it deserves. I want to create images that will blow you away in years to come, treasured by the people who experienced it and loved by future generations to come.

Featured Weddings
Here are some of my featured weddings I've captured in Hertfordshire:

Capturing the moments that matter

The day itself. When it comes, you may well find it passes in a blur! A wonderful blur, filled with love and your favourite people in the world – the perfect preparation for your new life together. But if I’ve done my job right, all the preparation will pay off and you should barely notice me doing my job. There will be so many incredible moments happening all the time, and years of doing this job have given me a sixth sense for when they are about to happen. But rest assured they will feel completely authentic and filled with the emotion that your special day will create.

Hertfordshire wedding photographs that never lose their wow

I love photographing couples in Hertfordshire, but wherever I’m shooting I find it an emotional experience myself. Connecting with a couple at one of the most important times in their life is special.

To preserve those memories for years to come, is a huge responsibility and not one I take lightly. But the best thing is knowing that with the right care and attention I can help you create memories that will still be blowing you away and transporting you back to that day, whenever you look at them.

Taking photos of people on the best day of their lives is what I love to do, and what I do best and you can read more about my natural documentary photography style here.

If you are looking for a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer or are celebrating in Essex, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, London or are planning a Destination Wedding, I would love to hear from you.

Now let's talk you about your celebrations in Hertfordshire

If you are looking for a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer or are celebrating in Essex, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, London or are planning a Destination Wedding, I would love to hear from you.